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« Volume 3, Nomor 2 ,Oktober 2014

MANUSIA PERAHU: Kajian Historis Terhadap Pengungsi Vietnam di Pulau Galang 1979-1996

The emergence of Vietnamese boat people is inseparable with the circumstances occurred in Vietnam. The situation is not safe politically and the safety of the people of Vietnam, especially South Vietnam, that iserratic, resultingin the displacement carried out by the Vietnamese to several countries around Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The Vietnamese refugees are also called the boat people as they explore the sea by boat. The arrival of the refugees becomes an internal problem for the South East Asia countries. To overcome these problems, a meeting was held between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Southeast Asian countries to address and find solutions to the problems of the Vietnamese boat people. The results of the meeting formulated some of the decisions contained in the Statement of Bangkok,as one of the countries of Southeast Asia who was visited by the Vietnamese refugees, which provides a place to manage the refugees and the UN agency UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee) that is in charge of the refugee problem. They are actively participating in solving these problems. For Indonesia itself, the government provides Galang Island as the place to manage the refugees. The selection of Galang Island is due to its strategic location adjacent to neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, so it can facilitate the communication process between the countries that became the first asylum. Since becoming a place for refugees, Galang Island was turned into a town with facilities that can support the sustainability of the lives of the refugees such as barracks, markets, schools, hospitals, places of worship, sports hall and so forth. The construction of these facilities is intended to facilitate the management of the refugees before they are sent to a third country. For those who are not sent to a third country, the refugees were sent back to their home countries.

Kata kunci : boat people, refugees, Galang Island

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