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« Volume 3, Nomor 2 ,Oktober 2014

PERANAN KOMNAS HAK ASASI MANUSIA 1993-2006 (Kajian Dalam Penyelesaian Pelanggaran HAM Pada Pemerintahan Orde Baru)

This essay entitled “The Role of National Commission Human Right 1993-2006 (Examination to Resolve the Human Right Violation in New Order Government)”. The human rights is the basic rights which adhere in all people and must be acquired by every person and is not the rights that is given by the government. In New Order government, the issue of human rights started to get attention by the domestic society and the international society. The cause of this situation is there are serious problems of human rights violation in Indonesia. Then, in order to face the issue of human rights, the New Order government established an institute which specially took care of the human rights violation cases, named National Human Rights Commission. The National Human Right Commission is the institute which is established by the New Order government through the Presidential Decree No. 50 Year 1993. The establishment of National Human Rights Commission in Indonesia is caused by the extrusions of United Nations and society concerning there are many human rights violations in Indonesia. The National Human Rights Commission performance has difference between New Order and Reformation Era in resolving the serious human rights violations that happened in New Order. The role of leader figures of National Commission HAM Resolve the Human Right Violation in New Order Government, including Ali Said, Munawir Sjadzali, Marzuki Darusman, Djoko Soegianto, and Abdul Hakim Garuda Nusantara gives the effect of each.

Kata kunci : Human Rights, National Human Rights Commission, New Order, Reformation

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