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« Volume 3, Nomor 2 ,Oktober 2014

KONFLIK RUSIA-CHECHNYA: Kajian Mengenai Kegagalan Chechnya Melepaskan Diri Dari Rusia Tahun 1991-2003

This essay entitled “Russia-Chechnya Conflict : A Study of Chechnya’s Failure Seceding from Russia in 1991-2003”. The background of choosing the research of this case is because the researcher sees the interesting part in Russia-Chechnya conflict. The main problem raised in this essay is that “Why Chechnya failed to secede from Russia’s power in 1991-2003?”. The purpose of the research, as follow (1) to analyze the background of Russia-Chechnya conflict (2) to explain the Chechnya people reacted toward Russia in 1991-2003 (3) to explain the Russia’s effort in muffling Chechnya’s movement in 1991-2003 (4) to analyze the factor of Chechnya’s failure in attempt to secede from Russia’s power. The method used is historical method with four-step research, namely heuristic, critic, interpretation, and historiography. The technique used is literary study by investigating the literary sources that are relevant with the investigated case. The approximation method used is interdisciplinary approach by using politics and sociology disciplines. After the research, ascertained that one of the factors that lead to conflict is because there was disappointment of Chechnya against Russia, so that make Chechnya want to be separated from Russia. However, Russia realize that Chechnya is an important asset, so they tried to keep the country always a part of Russia like it was today.

Kata kunci : Chechnya, Russia

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