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« Volume 3, Nomor 2 ,Oktober 2014

GEJOLAK PETANI DALAM PEMERINTAHAN THAILAND (Kajian Historis Proses Integrasi Rakyat Petani Ke Dalam Wilayah Pemerintahan Thailand 1902-1932)

Of this thesis titled "the Government Unrest In Thailand Patani (Historical Studies Patani People's Process Integration Into The Regional Government of Thailand from 1902 to 1932)". The main problem studied is why there is Government Unrest In Thailand Patani? The problem then described in four principal questions, that: (1) What are integrated in the background of Patani region of Thailand (2) How does the process of integration of the Patani region of Thailand (3) What was the reaction of the people Patani to the integration process (4) How does the impact of turmoil people of the process of achieving independence Patani in Thailand. The purpose of this paper is to describe the turmoil in the government of Thailand Patani and can describe the responses elicited from the turmoil of Patani, and can be used as a source of reading and reference source for students who read it. This problem needs to be studied through historical methodsThis method includes the study of literature is a heuristic process stages, criticism, interpretation, historiography. Which is a technique in scientific the research by searching, reading, and reviewing written sources from books, articles, and internet-related issues that were examined, thus helping researchers in finding solutions to problems are formulated. Based on the research results can be explained that Thailand is a country in South East Asia are trying to make a political community through colonization.The concept of integration as a Country establishment and the political community committed Europeans in South East Asia, encouraged Siam (Thailand) at the Chulalongkorn (Rama V 1868-1910) conducted a series of state formation in 1902 through the administrative update to the to the south regions or of Patani . Thailand integration pattern that is applied to the of Patani lot approaches that impose the domination of the majority ethnic culture forms of acculturation and multiculturalism are false. The most interesting response was when the political structure of the kingdom of of Patani Malay leadership changes in the system, so that the King of of Patani Position removed. King lost source income from tax, then provoke anger and rebellion raises King Abdul Kadir Kamaruddin (King of of Patani last) inspired other uprisings like Haji Sulong uprising and rebellion Namsai.

Kata kunci : Gejolak, Petani, Pemerintahan, Thailand

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