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Susi Nuraeni
This paper was titled “The Part of Local Election Commission” in Direct Election in Kabupaten Sumedang (1999-2009)” was contented about the work of Local Election Commission in representing the election on the period of 1999-2009 in Sumedang. The heterogeneity and the complexity of people growing in Sumedang had effected to the work of Local Election Commission in representing the direct election. The main problem of this research was “How the parts of Local Election Commission in socializing the direct election in Kabupaten Sumedang on the period of 1999-2009?” The main problem were divided into four point of questions: 1) How the social condition of Sumedang society on the period of 1999-2009? 2) How the shape of socialization of Commission in the direct election of 1999-2009? 3) How the steps of direct election on the period of 1999-2009? 4) What the problems that had faced by the commission in doing the direct election and how the effort of them to fix all those problem?” This research used the method of historical research method which has four parts, heuristic, critic, interpretation, and historiography. In the first part (heuristic) the researcher was collecting the sources of research, the second was critic it was the part when all the dates which had collected are critized based on the criteria that were needed. The third was interpretation it was the part when the researcher analyzing the connection between the dates, and it would be written in the fourth part (historiography). The heterogeneity of Kabupaten Sumedang Society had pushed the Commission to do some innovations in doing of socialization of direct election on the period of 1999-2009. They had joined with the figures on the society, and coordinated with the labor group in the district of Sumedang, and doing road show with Persatuan Penyandang Cacat Indonesia (PPCI) the association of people with disability. Publishing the brochure in Alun-Alun and getok tular socialization, was kind of traditional socialization from the mouth to mouth. The lack of trustiness of people to government, and the lack of participation of people of Sumedang for following the election, and so many people of Sumedang who live outside the places for taking the job, had became the significant restrictions of Commission to socializing of direct election in Sumedang. The commission had made some solutions to face any kind of problem such as: They had solidated internally among the member of commission, facilitating with the supported tools, and consolidation with the Center Election Commission. With the varieties socializations and the development of participation of people in election, and the decrease of number of un-legitimated voted had became the indications for the Commission to increase they effort for succession the direct election in Kab. Sumedang.

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