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« Volume 2, Nomor 2 , Oktober 2013

REFORMASI DALAM VISI DAN AKSI : Pandangan Aktivis KAMMI terhadap Gerakan Reformasi di Indonesia (1998-2011)

Risma Aditiana
The fundamental problems discussed in the research is concerning on How is the KAMMI’s (The Indonesian Moeslem Student Action Unity) Activist about Reform Movement in Indonesia in 1998-2011. This research finding showed that, the appearance of KAMMI can not be separated from Islam movement influence, the Ikhwanul Muslimin (Ikhwan) through the Indonesian Islamiyah Missionary Council (DDII). The though of Ikhwan becomes massive after Immaddudin Abdulrahim (Bang Imad) as the Islamic Student Association (HMI) figure introduced the Missionary Mujahid Traning (LMD). Mr. Imad introduced the typical Ikhwan’s “usroh” caderizing concept at LMD. Furthermore, the LMD become initial pioner for the Campus Missionary Institution (LDK) birth until it transforms to be KAMMI with the Indonesian nation conditional setting under leadership of the tyrant-authoritary, depostic, unjust and non-democratic government. The KAMMI’s ideology is a derivative from the Islam’s aqidah and ideology to be a systematic formulation designed in human being social-politic life. The KAMMI, practically becomes a reformation actor in Indonesia since 1998 until today that has entered into the Reform second period. The KAMMI has specific characteristic in attempt to solve reformation agenda. The KAMMI struggle step did not stop after the Soeharto regime resign as the large changing marker from the New Order period to Reformation one. The KAMMI has a Reform Vision that is always made as the crtitical indicator in measuring the success of reformation itself. For 13 years long, the KAMMI has also some views on the Reform movement by considering the existing social-politic situation. The Reform movement core in according to the KAMMI claims changes in various life aspects. In itself dynamic life, the KAMMI also offered an insight about leadership characteristic for Republic of Indonesia called as the “Statesmen Muslim” as well as introduce a newest discourses that reformation consciousness in the second decade must stay in development of civilization scale.

Kata kunci : Activist KAMMI, Vision and Action, Reform Movement

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