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« Volume 2, Nomor 2 , Oktober 2013

MADAME MAO : The White Bone Demon (Peranan Jiang Qing dalam Revolusi Kebudayaan Cina Tahun 1966-1976)

Neng Marlina Efendi
This journal figure Jiang Qing's figure that gets role in Revolutionizes Chinese culture movement. In that movement, Jiang Qing is chosen as Vice Chairman which makes as regulatory as the way movement. State as missis of PKC'S boss (Chinese Communist party) that time which is Mao Ze Dong terminologicals to become alone force for Jiang Qing deep get that position. To the effect Jiang Qing is subject to be help Mao in the effort back China on Mao's teachings. At the early Mao's leadership term, PKC is divided in two fortifications which is radical fortification and moderate fortifications. Peopled radical one stills to back up Mao at PKC. Meanwhile moderate fortification is averse fortification Mao on all policy which is done all this time, particularly in term determine Chinese economic policy aim. Jiang Qing here personation one of Mao's supportive person by defies moderate and men clan that averse Mao. Policy that done by Jiang Qing up to movement happens which is control to arts especially Chinese opera arts, design dress woman national and cleansing of party of Mao's politics foe.

Kata kunci : Jiang Qing, Revolution Chinese Movement

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