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« Volume 2, Nomor 2 , Oktober 2013

POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE HORN OF AFRICA: Eritreans’ Struggle for Independence 1962-1993

Meri Erlina
This study is motivated by the author’s concern for the lack of source about the history of Eritrea, especially the Eritreans’ struggle for independence from 1962-1993. The author employed historical method with the main question being studied is “Why did Eritrea want to be independent of Ethiopia Empire in 1962-1993?”. Whereas, being an independent state is not an easy thing to do, moreover in the first place, Eritrea was a part of Ethiopia. Eritreans’ desire to be independent of Ethiopia eventually brought the independence for them. Their today independence cannot be separated from the Eritreans’ struggle for 31 years long. It was started since Eritrea which used to be Ethiopia federation (as result of UN Resolution 1952) was changed to be Ethiopia Administration and further included as the fourteenth province by Ethiopia government. The majority of Eritreans did not agree on this unification and since 1961, they began the armed, organized opposition such as ELF and EPLF which were supported by Arab countries. After a long struggle which had suffered heavy casualties from both sides, eventually Eritrea gained its independence through the result of the UN-assisted referendum in which all Eritreans opted for independence.
Eritrea, Ethiopia, UN Resolution, ELF, EPLF and Referendum

Kata kunci : Eritrea, Ethiopia, UN Resolution, ELF, EPLF and Referendum

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