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Politik Beras di Indonesia Pada Masa Orde Baru: Dari Subsistensi, Swasembada Pangan, Hingga Ketergantungan Impor

Rina Anggraeni
This study departs from the authors disquiet about New Order government's inability to maintain rice self-sufficiency that ever experienced by Indonesia in 1984. The main issues raised in this paper is how food policies implemented during the New Order that set out in four issues, namely (1) How do Indonesian rice condition at the beginning of the New Order government? (2) How is the strategy adopted by the New Order government in the agricultural sector that managed to reach self-sufficiency in food, especially rice, in 1984? (3) Why after 1984 rice self-sufficiency could not be achieved again by the New Order government that Indonesia must become a net importer of rice again? (4) How does the relationship between politics rice that is applied to the New Order with the presence of BULOG / DOLOG?
Since 1967, the New Order government has made agriculture a top priority of economic development in the country. It was seen from the implementation of PELITA I to IV, which is based on the agricultural sector. Thus, the development of other sectors geared to supporting the advancement of the agricultural sector. At that time, the government has implemented various strategies to increase agricultural production, especially rice production increase. Various government policy on rice conducted through an institution called Bulog. The preference for rice as a commodity that increased production is considered by the government that caused by rice has a very complex because it involves aspects of economic, politic, social, and cultural. The strategies were through intensification, diversification, and agricultural extension. The government's efforts reaped encouraging results with a success achieved self-sufficiency in rice in 1984. However, the rice self-sufficiency it can not last long because of the challenges faced by the government to be great when it entered the 1990s. The challenge could not be apart from background of internal and external factors.

Kata kunci : New Order, Food Policy, Rice Self-Sufficiency, Import Dependency, BULOG.

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