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Eka Widyasari
Ogel art is art that uses art dogdog tool consisting of 4 pieces of dogdog talingtit, tempas, ovary plus drums, goong, manacle and shakers. Ogel art comes from the word meaning Nogel see from the small hole wall at home who use dingding. Ogel characteristic of art is called Ningtung tepaknya and Buhun songs that contains symbols, siloka. Ogel art founded in 1913, is passed down from generation to generation, the founders or the first masterminds Abah Dirja Wanta and continued with the second generation in 1960 is Abah Edi aka Bang Dapros, about the third generation in the 1980-2000 Lead by Aang Wiganda as the mastermind. The research method in this research is descriptive qualitative approach.
Formulation of the problem is developed in this study, among others: (1) How does art background birth ogel in District Majalaya Bandung regency? (2) How ogel arts development in the period 1988-2000 in the District of Bandung Regency Majalaya? (3) what are the factors that can hinder the development of the arts in the District Majalaya ogel Regency Bandung? (4) How can the efforts of artists, governments and communities in the District of Bandung Regency Majalaya ogel preserve the arts?
Research background of art ogel ogel art; created and born in society Majalaya District serves as a means to spread the religion of Islam; development of arts ogel, 1913 serves as a means to spread the religion of Islam, entered the 1960 Art ogel switch functions as a medium propaganda in strengthening the sense of Indonesian nationalism in the fight against the invaders. Entering 1988 serves as a medium for the entertainer penikmatnyaa 1986 until the early 1990s was the heyday of art ogel, for example, often appear in the official events such as arts festivals both at the regional and local Majalaya West Java. Going into 2000, art ogel setback, it is not independent of the reduced demand to do the gig. Most public taste began to shift in modern art, as the rise of modern art that emerged in the community; Factors that hinder the development of such ogel Art ogel coming from the perpetrators themselves are located on the way of presentation or form show. Conditions ogel art as traditional art from time to time continue to experience a shift function. Efforts artists, governments and communities in the District of Bandung Regency Majalaya ogel effort to preserve art artists by performing a complete system of inheritance. Government's efforts to perform ogel Arts in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII).

Kata kunci : art traditions, Arts, Ogel, Majalaya, Social culture.

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