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This research move on from the authors of the role of anxiety in the Kingdom French cardinal in the Reign of Louis XV from 1726 to 1743. The main issues that were examined in this research is "How does a cardinal role in the Kingdom of France during the reign of Louis XV in 1726-1743?" The main problem is divided into four research questions, namely why Louis XV granted the power to Cardinal Fleury in government?, How economic and social conditions of the French government before the administration of Cardinal Fleury?, Cardinal Fleury What form of government in the reign of Louis XV 1726-1743?, and How the influence of Cardinal Fleury Government in the field of economic and governance in France during the reign of Louis XV in 1726-1743? . This research uses the theory of power, state power theory, conflict theory, and economic theory. The method used is the historical method to perform four steps namely heuristic research, criticism, interpretation, and historiography. As for the authors undertook data collection techniques including reviewing literature sources relevant to the study authors. The approach used is to take an interdisciplinary approach to the concept of political science, the concept of power, conflict concepts derived from sociology of science, as well as the concept of mercantilism taken from the science of Economics. Based on the findings of the obtained first, before the administration of Cardinal Fleury that the reign of Louis XIV and Guardianship Administration must deal with the economic crisis that occurred due to the reign of Louis XIV who spend big money to finance the war and the construction of the Palace of Versailles. Second, Cardinal Fleury to power based on trust of the king and the people for his ability to manage the government. Third, in the reign of Cardinal Fleury impose mercantilist economic system to address economic crisis in France. Fourth, Cardinal Fleury tried to establish good relations with the countries in the European region by way of trade cooperation. Fifth, Cardinal Fleury was instrumental in the establishment of peace and prosperity in France.

Kata kunci : French, Government, Fleury

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