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« Volume 2, Nomor 1, April 2013

Perkembangan Pencak Silat Pancer di Jampangkulon Sukabumi Tahun 1960-1990

Gita Warieni
This observational study more being focused on year 1960 1990 where on that period Pencak Silat Pancer's formative happening and its input more self-defence art popular to Jampangkulon's Region so causes Pencak Silat Pancer's folk art on the downgrade. Observational method that is utilized is Historical method that covers four stages which is heuristic, criticism,interpretation, and historiografi. For over understands permasalahn who is assessed therefore writer utilize Interdisipliner's approaching of fine art, Sociology, and Anthropology and strengthened by theory, writer very dependent on verbal history purpose (oral history) and oral tradition (oral tradition) via tekhnik interview. It is done because source the limited is written for mengkaji about problem which is analyzed. Permasalahn who is worked through in this paper which is existence Pencak Silat Pancer at Jampangkulon Year 1960 1990 one is sighted from historical facets, social, and culture, begun from its appearance background Pencak Silat Pancer, fashioned structure, changed causal factors gives a damn pelestarian's society and effort Pencak Silat Pancer's artists. Base invention that is gotten which is: Pencak Silat Pancer at Jampangkulon constitutes traditional artistry earlier one was effloresce at Sukabumi's region Java south Western. On year vicinity 1960 1990, society moring to like beladiri any other, since society looks on that tradition art really palls and impressed antic have in conflict with epoch condition at that moment. This condition of is next make artists which pioneered by Odjan Syafrudin to do change in sunda's folk art which is Pencak Silat Pancer that returns to be liked by society not confines to particular faction. Changing one did by Odjan Syafrudin which is by exhibits arranged Pencak Silat Pancer contest at Jampangkulon's region, and often mementaskan Pencak Silat Pancer at events or a red letter day that is commemorated at Jampangkulon's Village.

Kata kunci : Pencak Silat Pancer's developing At Jampangkulon Sukabumi Year 1960 1990.

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