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Sugeng Teza Bastaman
HMI movement in 1965-1966 rose due to a reaction of Gestapu which occurred at 30th September 1965. HMI roles in students movement of 1965-1966 is construct many action organizations such as KAMI, Gemuis, Laskar Ampera Arif Rahman Hakim and Laskar Ampera Aris Margono which has one governmental demand; it is Fall out PKI!. Used methods in this research is historical methods, they are heuristic, criticism, interpretation and historiography. Meanwhile in obtaining data, researcher conducted literature study and interview techniques. A main problem which is elaborated in this article is “How are movements of Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam (HMI) in shifting era from Soekarno administration to Soeharto (1965-1966)”. The main problem is divided into four research questions, (1) How is an image of politic situation between 1965-1966?; (2) What are shifting processes of Soekarno administration to Soeharto one?; (3) What are significant events occurred in shifting era of administration of Soekarno to Soeharto?; (4) How do HMI react towards Soekarno in 1965-1966?; (5) How do HMI react towards Soeharto in 1965-1966?. The demand for PKI which does not get any attention from Soekarno has effected HMI action through KAMI and many other mass actions which have been constructed headed for Soekarno administration. When situation is in total disorganized, Soekarno announced Supersemar; it is a written order to cope with the situation and was given to Soeharto.

Kata kunci : students’ movement, HMI, KAMI, mass action, supersemar

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