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« Volume 2, Nomor 1, April 2013

GERAKAN DONGHAK (Gerakan Sosial Petani Di Korea Pada Tahun 1894-1895)

Eros Rosinah
This research due by Donghak movement was farmer sosial movement without western influence as imperialism. This study uses historical methods with formula problems are 1. How does the due occur of Donghak Movement in 1894-1895?; 2. How does the prosess of Donghak Movement in 1894-1895?; 3. How the tipology of Donghak Movement?; 4. How does the impact be appeared from Donghak Movement in 1894-1895 concering social-economic,and politic of Choseon’s Empire?. Donghak movement occured at Korea in 1894-1895 be dued by high tax that decide by Choseon’s government, exploitation by official government and infiltrated by foreign concering Choseon’s Empire. Donghak movement started in 1894 at Kobu, Cholla Province and leaded by Chon Pong-jun. This movement could be stopped by Choseon government with executed the leader of movement, Chon Pong-jun. Donghak movement have milenarianism, nativism and holy war tipologis. After Donghak movement occured, Choseon’s government made reformation in many sectors. In politic sector, the government reformed such as separation between palace with government, aboliting exam of civil official, reformation of region government. In economic sector, the government united outlet of national financial and reparation of tax payment. Whereas in social sector as the Choseon government abolited social status system in society, permit to re-marry for widows and whipped out mistreating action.

Kata kunci : Korea, Choseon Kingdom, Donghak Movement, Chong Pong-jun.

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