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« Volume 2, Nomor 2 , Oktober 2013

Perkembangan Pendidikan Islam Di Bandung Tahun 1901-1942

Een Yuliani
This paper entitled "Development of Islamic Education in Bandung 1901-1942". Good education is not just form someone to be intelligent form alone. High intelligence without noble spirit would be futile. This is where the role of the teacher as an educator is needed, because the teacher does not only act as a teacher in the sense of "knowledge transfer". Teachers must be able to educate their students to noble and useful for the country and nation. Along with the establishment of schools and education in Bandung enactment. Appears also schools of Islamic education berkhaskan, such as Langgar, Madrasah and pesantren that includes learning more mnengenai Islam more deeply. In these schools the students gain knowledge about the teaching of Islam such as teaching, Usuluddin (points of religious doctrine), Proposal Fiqh, Fiqh, Science Arobiyah (to explore religion and language) and other subjects. The existence of these schools can not be separated from the role of Islamic leaders who built and established the cold as well as teachers who teach not only basic education but only Islamic education is also very important. As a mislim education about Islam should be learned as early as possible in order to understand the obligations as a Muslim.

Kata kunci : Islam, Bandung, education

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