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Kedudukan Opsir Cina Dalam Pemerintahan Hindia Belanda Di Batavia Antara Tahun 1910-1942

Cahya Nurhaeni
Background research on this study appears as a form of interest in the success of ethnic Chinese writers in world trade and relations between ethnic Chinese merchants in the Dutch East Indies government in 1910-1942. Chinese official institution is an institution in charge of and supervise all affairs of the ethnic Chinese community both in daily life or the administration of the ethnic Chinese population in the region of the Netherlands Indies environment. Chinese official in Batavia was founded on concerns that the government acquired the Dutch East Indies to the number of Chinese immigrants who came to the Dutch East Indies that the government deems it necessary to appoint a leader of China's ethnic groups are known as Captain China. Souw Captain Beng Kong is China's first appointed by the Governor-General Coen Pieterzoon to take care of all the administrative affairs and the ethnic Chinese community in Batavia. Removal plan systems planned Chinese official institutions in the early 20th century lead to many protests of the ethnic Chinese population supports the retention of the institution as well as protests from other ethnic Chinese who think that this is not representative of the institution and the aspirations of ethnic Chinese in the Dutch East Indies.Chinese official position in the government of the Dutch East Indies to basically be a notch down terumun,because as well as property owned by them which is passed down to children,grandchildren and further descendants.

Kata kunci : Officer Chinese, Ethnic Chinese, the Dutch

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