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Indepedensi Pmii:Latar Belakang Dan Proses Pemisahan Pmii Dari Struktur Nu Tahun 1972

Rizal Hamzah Saragih
This paper titled “PMII INDEPENDENCY: Background and PMII’s Separation Process from the structure of NU in 1972” consist some factors which triggered the separation structure of PMII from NU and the process itself, and the impact of it. The main problem which explained on this paper is “why the structure separation between PMII and NU happened”. Those main problem then divide into four research questions, such as (1) What factors which caused PMII to split from NU?: (2) How the process of the policy about PMII’s separation form NU?: (3) How far the impact of Independency policy of the PMII? The method which used on this paper is historical method by using four steps of research such heuristic, critic, interpretation and historiography. The research which used is interdiscipline research that mean history as the mainstream and supported by other social sciences. The writer using literature study technique in collecting the sources. Because the limit of literature study the writer also use the interview on collecting the source. Independency policy toward NU that taken by PMII was very fundamental policy, this case based on the close tied between the birth of PMII and NU which makes each other had a close relationship, both positive and negative. The relationship that established by both thereafter caused the impact on PMII, this case caused by NU’s internal fraction about NU’s decision at their defeat from Golkar causing internal PMII’s condition. Beside that the eagerness for self sufficiency and freedom of creativity and thinking became the main factor from internal PMII to declare themselves as independent organisation. The process to take the decision of independency did not without any oposition or different opinion, the case caused by the way of thinking that when PMII sound their independency have a meaning as the betrayal act toward NU. Independency process was happened after General Assembly of 1971 which show Golkar as a victor. Seeing the unstoppable power of Suharto after Golkar’s total victory in General Assembly’s 1971 and based on the eagerness to gain the freedom of creativity as one kind to save Organization resulted in taking the decision to be Independence.

Kata kunci : Indepedensi, Orde Baru, Nahdlatul Ulama, .

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