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« Vol. IV No. 1 Januari 2010

Perlaksanaan Aktiviti Seni Kreatif dalam Pendidikan Prasekolah Malaysia

Ling Pik Kuong dan Hasnah Toran
Creative art activity is an instructional activity which combines creative visual, musical, and performance arts to foster children’s creativity and development. This study aims at identifying parents’ and pre-school teachers’s of perception of the importance of creative arts in pre-school education, their perception levels on the basis of school status and location, and pre-school teachers’ understanding of creative art activities. A set of instruments was distributed to 53 pre-school teachers, and another set was handed out to 253 parents of children of public and private kindergartens in Sibu, Serawak. T-test and two-triled ANOVA were used to compare mean scores of two or more groups. Findings show that creative art activition constitute an important element for parents and teachers. However, their understanding level is not as high as their perception has not contributed to the level of understanding of creative art activities. Hence, it is necessary to provide more creative art causes and workshop to increase understanding level of pre-school teachers.

Kata kunci : pre-school, creative arts, parents’ and teachers’ perception, teachers’ understanding

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