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« Vol. III No. 2 Juli 2009

Peningkatan Kemampuan Menulis Esai Melalui Model Analisis Wacana Berorientasi Peta Berpikir Kritis Pada Mahasiswa Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa, Sastra Indonesia & Daerah FKIP UNPAS Bandung

R. Panca Pertiwi Hidayati
The aim this research is model objective result AWK based on critical thinking map improvement university students’ ability in writing essay literature, so that it can create models to improve university students’ creativity in writing ability. There are three theoretic knowledge types that provide a basis for this research, such as declarative, procedural, and conditional (contextual). In line with the method of quasi-experiment, this research is conducted to university students’ in the year of 2003, class A & B semester VII in academic year of 2005/2006 in Departement of Language Educations and Indonesian Literature, and in The Region of FKIP Unpas Bandung. In experiment class, AWK based on critical thinking map models is used, while in control class conventional method is used. To know learning quality inquiry technique, portofolio, and analysis towards article essay sample is used. Based on pair sample t test, pretest/posttest sample pair experiment is significant, because significance value (2-tailed) is smaller than 0,05 in standard of 95%. It means, that there is difference between ability before sample getting treatment and after getting treatment of discourse analyze with is oriented on critical thinking map models. The ability of sample after getting treatment better than previous, and it is if compared with control class, experiment class showed superiority that is meaningfull for all evaluation aspect in writing literature essay.

Kata kunci : critical thinking map, critical discourse analysis, essay, thinking

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