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« Vol. I No. 2 Juli 2007

Pengembangan Kreativitas Berbahasa dalam Menulis Esai

Siti Maryam
This research was aimed at creating an effective teaching model for the development of students’ language creativity in essay writing. Two groups as experiment and control, 29 students each, were involved in the research using inquiry-based creative writing. The findings suggest that this model has been able to develop students’ writing skills of originality, elaboration, and language use variation, as well as positive accentuation. Based on these findings, it is concluded that this model was effective in developing students’ creativity in writing essays. In particular, the students’ creativity can be seen in identifying issues, proposing spontaneous and original ideas, respecting other peoples ideas, comparing a variety of opinions. Hence, essay writing through IPSI model is basically relevant to the general creative process. As a creative product, an essay is a means of expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions and like.

Kata kunci : creativity, originality, elaboration, essay

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