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Kepercayaan Dalam Tim

Sri Raharso
Organizations are nowadays faced with a growing number of challenges for their successful operation in the current market and society. Their survival in the current turbulent market is continuously at risk and becomes uncertain. The competitive challenges of the last decade have seen an increase in the number of organizations using teams as a new work design. Hence, organizations have become flatter and more team centred. So, a team is the most common and basic working unit in today's business organizations. One of the most important elements that determine the ability of teams to cooperate effectively is the ability of each team member to trust the entire team and each of the other team members. Scholars have long been interested in the study of trust in organizations; trust is seen as one of the critical elements. Trust is critical to individuals, organizations, and society in general. Trust is important because it is linked to the level of employee and organizational performance. Organizations that were identified as "high trust" generally got more qualified applicants, experienced lower turnover, and healthcare costs, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and greater innovation and risk taking. Since breaking trust gives rise to distrust, maintaining trust requires careful attention from management. High trust can account for a company’s competitiveness in the long run.

Kata kunci : trust, team, competitiveness

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