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« Vol.3, No.6, Jan 2005

Pengaruh Sistem Komunikasi Organisasi terhadap Poduktivitas Kerja Manajer Tingkat Dasar pada BUMN Sektor Jasa di Jawa Barat

Dr. Edi Suryadi, M.Si.
The aim of this research is to comprehend the organization of BUMN by describing is profile of organizational communication and to find out how the organization of BUMN is constructed and maintained through the communication system with the intention that it can attain its desired effectiveness. In this research, effectiveness of BUMN is measured from job productivity of the lower level manager. In this way, organizational communication system is measured by four main variables, namely (1) organizational communication event as reflected in the accessibility, loading, the quality of media, fidelity, and information dispersion; (2) communication climate; (3) communication satisfaction; and (4) organizational culture. This research incorporates two approaches, namely qualitative approach as the facilitator of quantitative approach. The method used is survey that distributes the questionnaires to the lower level managers that have been selected.

Kata kunci : Sistem Komunikasi Organisasi, Poduktivitas Kerja, Manajer Tingkat Dasar

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