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« Vol. VI No. 1 Januari 2012

Sufism Elements Within The Manuscript of Buton Law

La Niampe
Basically, the Sufism elements within the manuscript of Buton law only become the parable or analogue. Those elements are (1) Allah Element; it has the analogue to the position of Wolio government, namely the authority of the Sultan and Sapati, (2) The Martabat Tujuh; it refers to the seven grades in Wolio Governance, (3) The Elements of Sifat Dua Puluh (Twenty Characteristics); refers to the number of custom completeness of Sultan and Sapati, (4) The Thirty Section of Al-Koran refers to the number of ministers in Wolio Governance, (5) The Conviction Elements of Seventy Two Clans, refers to number of villages in Wolio Governance. The existence of the five elements is believed that they can give the great value and blessing to the Buton Law.

Kata kunci : Mysticism, Buton Law, Tamsil, Wolio

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