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Toward A Leading And Outstanding Journal In Applied Linguistics

Conaplin Journal merupakan sarana berbagi dalam kajian bahasa dan penerapannya.


« Volume 1.1 July 2011

From the Editor

Fuad Abdul Hamied
I’d like to invite you all to join me in welcoming Conaplin Journal in its premier publication. It publishes research on language and language-related problems that have relevance to real-world phenomena. Within this framework, the journal welcomes contributions in such areas of current probing as first and second language teaching and learning, language in education, language planning, language testing, curriculum design and development, multilingualism and multilingual education, discourse analysis, and translation. This publication therefore invites research reports, debates and/or deliberations on a wide range of issues related to language and language use as well as how language is acquired and learnt at such different settings as classrooms and interactions within a language community.

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