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Toward A Leading And Outstanding Journal In Applied Linguistics

Conaplin Journal merupakan sarana berbagi dalam kajian bahasa dan penerapannya.




Articles submitted to the Journal should normally be no longer than 6,000 words or between 13-16 pages with single space and should accompanied by an abstract (not more than 300 words), containing a summary of the conceptual content of the article, and about four to eight keywords should appear together with the main body of the article. The Journal operates a peer review process and promotes blind reviewing. To facilitate this process, author’s names and institutional affiliations should appear only on a detachable cover sheet. Articles submitted will not normally be returned. Articles should be in English.


Hard copy should be printed in single space, font size 12, Times New Roman, top and left margin 3 cm, bottom and right margin 2.54 cm, printed in Letters. Write down the author(s)’ institution under the title together with email address. Footnotes should appear at the end of the text, not at the foot of the relevant page. Quotation and references follows APA style and the latter should be included at the end of the article in the following examples:


Achert, W. and J. Gibaldi. (1985). The MLA Style Manual. New York: The MLA of America.

Bloor. T. (1996). ‘Three hypothetical strategies in philosophical writing’ in E. Ventola and A. Mauranen (eds.) (1996), Academic Writing: Intercultural and Textual Issues. Amsterdam: John Benjamins

Gibbard, A. (1992). ‘Moral concepts: Substance and sentiment.’ Philosophical Perspective 6, pp. 199-221

Halliday, M. A. K. and J. R. Martin. (1993). Writing Science: Literacy and Discursive Power. Pittsburgh PA: University of Pittsburgh Press

Huddleston, R. D. (1971). The Sentence in Written English: A Syntactic Study Based on an Analysis of Scientific Text. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Author(s) should make sure that any citation appearing in texts also appear in the references. Last but not least, controbutor(s) should include a short CV describing his/her/their current position and activities in not more than 80 words.



Proofs will be sent to the author for correction, and should be returned to conaplinpublication@upi.edu, c.c. didisukyadi@live.com by the deadline given.




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