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Jurnal Akuntansi Riset (ASET) merupakan Jurnal yang dikelola oleh Program Studi Akuntansi - Fakultas Pendidikan Ekonomi dan Bisnis - Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia di Bandung. Jurnal ini terbit setiap enam bulan, Jurnal Aset terbit edisi perdana pada Ta


« Volume 2, Nomor 2 , Oktober 2013


Ida Rosita
This study is started since the researcher conducted an observation in class XI IPA 2. The researcher found out that students have enough potential to develop their thinking ability; however, that ability was not in line with the learning outcomes whereas the first is supposed to be in line with the latter. This resulted from the learning practices in the school which always put more emphasis on “ordinary memory” learning while another type of learning which emphasizes the development of “intelligent memory” ability was seldom used. Accordingly, the researcher conducted classroom action research with Kemmis and Taggart model design as an attempt to fix the learning process, especially to improve students’ learning outcomes through the use of Problem Based Instruction method. Data collection technique which was employed in this research is observation, test, and field notes. According to the result, it was found out that students’ learning outcomes can be improved by using Problem Based Instruction method. If the method is developed continuously, students’ learning outcomes which describe “intelligent memory” ability will be improved, so that teachers will not emphasize “ordinary memory” learning anymore in the learning process but they should develop “intelligent memory” learning.

Kata kunci : Problem Based Instruction method, Students’ Learning Outcomes, Intelligent Memory, and Ordinary Memory

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