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« Vol. 10, No. 1, Mei 2011


Afi Fadlilah, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Lemahabang is one of the communal village that has many languages (multilingual), the Javanese language (BJ), Sundanese (BS), and Indonesian languages (BI). These circumstances are the symptoms of code switching (code switching), even the diglossia, the varieties of languages with different roles and functions in a speech community. This research data formed of speech acts realizations that occured in Lemahabang society which are recorded and noted the actual conversations of the participants in their activities from various situations. Data were analyzed based on the theory of speech context from Hymes and Wolf, which considering the various components of speech. The form of the code switching occurred are the language switch, speech acts switch and the variations switch. The language code switching occurred from BI to BJ, BJ to BI, BI to BS, BS to BI, BJ to BS, BS to BJ, BI to BA, and BA to BI. The speech acts code switching occurred from BJ basa to the degree of BJ ngoko, code switching from BJ ngoko to BJ basa, speech levels ngoko to base, code switching from BS halus to BS kasar, and from the BS kasar to BS halus. Meanwhile, the variations code switching occurred from formal BI to informal BI, and from informal BI to formal BI.

Kata kunci : language, multilingual, speech community, code switching, code mixing

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