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« Vol. III No. 1 Januari 2009

Pendidikan Keaksaraan Dasar Melalui Metode Kombinasi Bagi Wanita Miskin dan Tuna Aksara di Pedesaan Indonesia

Kamin Sumardi
This study aims at producing effective and accountable literacy learning model by combining Regenerated Frerian Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques (REFLECT), Language Experience Approach (LEA) and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). Using research and development methods, one group post-test only design was administered to 60 illiterate women (two groups) in Bekasi regency, West Java. The data were collected through observation, interview, documentation, and test. The results show that the combined model is effective in learning reading, writing and numerical problems needed in daily life and has fulfilled the competency standard of basic literacy. The model can also synergize learners, their potential and active participation, and the exploration of natural potential and its use. Supports are also acquired from society, religion, youth and woman figures. The study concludes that the learning society becomes more empowered and motivated, self-confident, and actively involved in learning. Therefore, it should be applied more widely.

Kata kunci : multiple method, basic literacy, learning method

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