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1)Imam Suyanto, 2)Moh Salimi, & 3) Muhammad Chamdani, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) (175-180)
Professional Learning Community (PLC) became one of the concepts that are used to improve the competence of a profession, including teachers (Yahya 2010, Triatna, 2013, Sudarsyah, 2014). PLC in relation to the teacher community is the center of activities teachers learned various things related to his profession. In this case, the process of learning the teacher containing the charge / content includes what is taught, how to teach it, and how to assess the processes and outcomes of learning (Bransford et. Al., 2000). Form of PLC in the elementary school is teachers working group (KKG) or teacher activity centers (PKG). Where, in the KKG activities such as: (1) improvement of teaching skills; (2) discussion of the administration of teaching; (3) increase the ability of the scientific work. In practice, the activities in KKG shifts were more likely to delivery of the new policies related to teachers and learning, so forget about the core activities required by the teacher and school. It encourages Study Program PGSD, Kebumen campus, FKIP UNS to perform community service. In this case, that will be done in the form of Strengthening Teacher Competence and School Capacity Optimization Through Professional Learning Community in Elementary School Grade. By optimizing this PLC, is expected to be instrumental in strengthening the competence of teachers. Obviously, with the strengthening of teacher competence, would be a suggestion to strengthen the capacity of the school. Activities undertaken in the optimization of the PLC is as follows: (1) optimizing the planning of government policies and programs based on the needs of the school; (2) optimization of the program based on the plan that has been drawn up; (3) the optimization of post-program follow-up. From this series of activities, achievement of the objectives include: (1) increase the competence of teachers; (2) increasing the capacity of the school; (3) the establishment of long-term partnerships between colleges and schools. This devotion, have gone through the stage of optimization of planning PLC based government policies and needs of the school. The results obtained in the form of: (1) The need for schools to strengthen the competence of teachers regarding: lesson planning, manufacture and use of learning media, learning assessment, and writing scientific articles about learning; (2) Plan PLC program, namely: workshop planning, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination PLC. This dedication continues at the stage of optimization of the PLC program and post-program follow-up optimization.

Kata kunci : PLC, the competence of a profession

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