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« Volume 2, Nomor 2 , Oktober 2013

Krisis Di Sudan :Perjuangan Rakyat Sudan Selatan Menuntut Kemerdekaan Tahun 1956-2011

This research background focus on the conflict in Sudan which resulted in civil war and secession South Sudan from Sudan country. Researchers used the historical method as the key issues to examine "Why South Sudan Want to secede From the Republic of Sudan?. The first civil war which began in 1955 - 1972 due to the differences between North and South Sudan is actually originated from the Egyptian colonial period in Sudan in the 19th century. Difference and equal distance rights between Arabs and blacks then widened after the British and Egypt subjection, where the continuous discrimination persists. This was followed by the first transition of power through parliamentary elections in 1954. Sudan's second civil war began in 1983 till 2005 eventually won by the South Sudan South Sudan. Establishment of international cooperation can not be implemented prior to the recognition of other countries. Then on July 9, 2011 South Sudan officially became a sovereign and independent Republic of South Sudan with its first president John Garang.

Kata kunci : South Sudan, Sudan, Family War and Country

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