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« Vol. VI No. 1 Januari 2012

Model of Counselor Competence Development Training for The Improvement of School Guidance and Counseling Service Quality: SERVQUAL as The Basis for Model Development

Uman Suherman, A.S., Sudaryat Nurdin Akhmad, and Dadang Sudrajat
This study aims at constructing a model of counselor competence development training to enhance the quality of school guidance and counseling services by adopting marketing management based SERVQUAL as the basis for model development. Its specific target is a set of training model comprising curriculum, teaching materials, training strategies and media, and counselor competence instruments for the improvement of guidance and counseling quality.
The target is gained by applying a three-stage research and development method. The study is in the second stage, aimed at validating a training model, measuring instrument of guidance and counseling quality and counselor competence, intervention materials, strategies and media, as well as model effectiveness criteria, on the basis of expert judgment and practitioner assessment, and at revising conceptual model in terms of theoretical, academic, and operational respects. Research involved three guidance and counseling experts and three counselors. Data were collected by Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and interviews, and analyzed qualitatively.
The study shows that guidance and counseling experts and practitioners proved that the model of school counselor competence training based on empirical information and analyzed for the quality of services and counselor competence at junior secondary and senior secondary schools in the City of Bandung has been feasible for an empirical tryout to identify its effectiveness. The model was based on the fact that guidance and counseling provided by junior and senior secondary schools in the City of Bandung are poor in terms of dependability, physical evidence, empathy, responsiveness, and quality assurance. Despite fairly good counselor competence, in final analysis there are certain aspects of competence which should be acquired, such as guidance and counseling program management, assessment, evaluation and research, and collaboration with guidance and counseling authorities.

Kata kunci : Training, Competence, Quality, Counselor, SERVQUAL

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