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« Vol. IV No. 2 Juli 2010

Penjaminan Mutu Satuan Pendidikan Sebagai Upaya Pengendalian Mutu Pendidikan Secara Nasional dalam Otonomi Pendidikan

Danny Meirawan
The quality of education is inseparable from quality management since school managers serve all managerial functions to provide their best services for their customers. It is therefore necessary to control the quality. In terms of quality management, a product is likely to fail to meet the standards. A product of educational processes may lead to the same failure. Therefore, quality assurance is needed to manage the quality. Outputs of educational processes should meet prescribed standards and expectations. The conception of Quality Assurance has become an important condition of quality schooling in the era of regional autonomy in Indonesia because it would have a positive effect on school development at regional level and result in quality standardization at national level.

Kata kunci : quality assurance, quality schooling, quality management

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