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« Vol. XIII No. 2 Oktober 2011


Bambang Ismanto
Implementation compulsory basic education programme bring implication of education financing in city Salatiga and Semarang district provience of Central Java is focused at basic accomplishment of education budget need not proportional with Early childhood education program and Secondary education. Transfer counter balance fund from national budget to support implementation of regional autonomy a large part of allocation to pay teacher salary. Meanwhile, improvement of area genuiness earnings not proporsional with growth of education budget. Research issue this is the how policy of education financing in improvement of generalization program and access education in city Salatiga and Semarang district. Research is conducted with approach qualitative – naturalistic. Data collecting is conducted with observation, circumstantial interview with various of stake holders importance, and study of financing policy regulation education and analysis of secondary data. Research Result concludes that Stipulating of education financing policy is focused for implementation program obliged to learn education. Allocation of education budget is specified according to plafond, priority APBD that specified Regional leader and DPRD Salatiga city and Semarang district. A large part of education financings in Salatiga and Semarang for operational shop especially payee of teacher salary, whereas capital shop for medium need prasarana education relative a little, Policy of education financing improves fluency of program execution nevertheless have not yet optimalization generalization of education participation .

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