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Perubahan Organisasi dan Perubahan Peraturan Pegawai serta Pengaruhnya terhadap Motivasi Kerja (Studi Kasus pada Perum Bulog Sub Divre Wil. I Bandung

Askolani, Drs., MM.
Organizational change is needed to be done to anticipate higher competition that organization deal with. This change as also needed to adapt other global change in industry. In order to prepare the new organization which can reach its goals with vision, mission and strategies, the organiation change is also has to have the new employement regulation as a guide of organizational formalization.

As a primary actor, human resource has to be maintained in order to do something worth as well as change that did by organization, so that the change itself has to be well socialized. If the change that organization has and good maintenance of HR can do well the work motivation of employment can do so in maximum condition.

The descriptive and explanatory type of observation is used by observer with descriptive and explanatory survey as the method of observation. The result shows that both of organizational change and employment regulation change were significantly effect the work motivation.

Kata kunci : Organizational change, employment regulation change and work motivation

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